Supporting Small Business

Local Content and Manufacturing   

  • Introduce Western Australian Industry Participation Plans (WAIPPs) to create opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to compete for government contracts.
  • The Industry Capability Network WA (ICN WA) services will be available at no cost to businesses including SMEs to assist them to develop WAIPPs
  • WAIPPs will deliver more local jobs on all large government infrastructure projects and through procurement
  • ICN WA will support government agencies to identity and source local suppliers of services and equipment providing more opportunity for local SMEs to compete for government contracts
  • The Skilled Local Jobs Bill will require a skilled work agreement on all major resource projects in the future
  • Adopt an Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) of awarding 3 per cent of all contracts to Aboriginal businesses by 2020
  • Increased funding of $100,000 pa will be provided to increase services to microbusinesses
  • Defence West will be created to champion the interests of SMEs in the defence industries
  • A State Infrastructure Strategy will be established to help give business the certainty they need and drive investment
  • Maximise the local content on major infrastructure projects such as METRONET by declaring them projects of strategic significance
  • Develop a passenger rolling stock strategy with guaranteed levels of local content
  • Establish the Industrial Lands Authority to remove the barriers to investment and expansion and drive industry development and job creation

Protections for Subcontractors

  • Establish a 'project trust account' for government contracts to protect access to progress payments between head contractors and subcontractors
  • Establish a 'security of payments' mechanism for government and non-government contracts to provide more transparency and structure to progress payments between head contractors and subcontractors
  • Consider introducing a demerit point system to encourage change in the subcontracting industry
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Tourism and Export Markets 

  • Establish Brand WA, a consistent but flexible approach to marketing WA as a brand across all industries to secure a greater share of growing markets across a range of industries
  • Invest $425 million to promote WA so it becomes one of the world's great tourist destinations
  • Promote WA through increased investment in destination and event marketing and the Perth Convention Bureau
  • Provide certainty in funding to the industry to maximize the return on investment from both public sector and complementary private sector investment
  • Develop more landside tourist opportunities for the burgeoning cruise ship sector
  • Encourage a more tourism friendly hospitality culture by cutting red tape
  • Invest $2 million over 5 years to implement a long-term international education strategy
  • Development formal networks that link SMEs with the people and resources to enable and support growth in regional markets, particularly Asia
  • Develop a regional businesses portal to assist SMEs to become export ready

Supporting Innovation and New Industries

  • Invest $14.5 million into a New Industries Fund to provide grants to accelerate new and emerging businesses in the Startup and gaming sectors
  • Invest $4.5 million into regional Startups as part of the New Industries Fund
  • Use the increased focus on Asia and existing trade relationships in USA, UK and Europe to attract foreign investment into Startup businesses
  • Foster Innovation Hubs creating collaborative environments to support small and medium businesses and review relevant legislation to reform restrictive government regulations to allow for commercial development
  • Promote and facilitate business investment into renewable energy technology manufacturing in WA including off-the-grid solutions and technologies
  • Work with technology companies, universities, TAFE and electricity utilities in a precinct to provide opportunities for emerging battery technologies
  • Promote the development of renewable industries at technology parks to be developed under the auspices of the newly created Industrial Lands Authority
  • Sponsor Science Industry Fellowships to build relationships between WA companies and universities

Supporting SMEs in the Regions 

  • Strengthen the Buy Local Guidelines to better support businesses in regional WA
  • Deliver more local content on government infrastructure projects
  • Changed role for Regional Development Commissions to ensure they are more proactive in identifying opportunities for local businesses
  • Invest $4.5 million into regional Startups as part of the new industries fund
  • Work with the agriculture sector to identify niche markets and grow these into export opportunities
  • Introduce country of origin labelling on seafood sold in restaurants
  • Drive development in regional industry and technology parks by bringing them under the auspices of the Industrial Lands Authority

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