Freight and Trade

Our Vision: Freight and Trade

A McGowan Labor Government has a real plan for Perth’s long term transport needs designed to fix congestion on our roads, increase liveability in our suburbs and provide long term economic infrastructure to drive our economy and create jobs. 

We will invest in rail, road and port facilities to deliver a long term integrated solution to Perth’s future infrastructure needs, create jobs and support the Western Australian economy.

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WA Labor will build METRONET

WA Labor will build METRONET a rail plan to connect our suburbs and fix congestion.

WA Labor's first priorities will be:

  • Complete the Forrestfield-Airport Line
  • Build rail to EllenbrookMorleyYanchep and Byford
  • Commence the Circle Line linking our suburbs
  • Start fixing level crossings on the Armadale, Midland and Fremantle lines
  • A new METRONET train station at Karnup

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Making our Roads Safer

A McGowan Labor Government will introduce new measures to help reduce the road toll by increasing the police presence and the number of alcohol and drug tests.

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WA Labor's Plan for Train Services to Bunbury

A McGowan Labor Government will revitalise train services to Bunbury and the South West and deliver a more sustainable economy and new tourism opportunities.

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METROHUBS linked by a public transport network

WA Labor has a positive vision for better suburbs and a better life built around METROHUBS linked to an integrated and coordinated transport network.

An integrated transport network as part of METROHUBS:

  • Will ease congestion on our roads 
  • Mean more people working where they live
  • Will see businesses deliberately choosing to locate in well planned precincts with good transport links
  • Encourage natural decentralisation and reduce over concentration elsewhere

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A Better Cycling Future

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and reduce congestion on our roads. We need to make cycling safer on our roads so people feel more confident to use it as regular form of transport.

WA Labor's 'A Better Cycling Future' outlines a comprehensive set of ideas to revolutionise cycling in WA.

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WA Labor will Keep Jobs in WA


Mark McGowan and WA Labor: A Fresh Approach

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