Plan for Jobs

I am proud to present WA Labor's Plan for Jobs.

WA Labor's Plan for Jobs will create a more vibrant and diversified economy with a broader range of industries and jobs.

The plan will create well over 50,000 jobs across Western Australia and is the most comprehensive employment plan ever released in this State.

The plan is smart, carefully targeted, affordable and sustainable and will lead to a more resilient and diversified State economy.

It takes a comprehensive approach to deliver long term improvements to our economy to produce jobs across the State, including the regions.

A McGowan Labor Government has an experienced team and will do the hard work to diversify the economy, create new jobs and new opportunities.  We will be a government for you.

Download WA Labor's Plan for Jobs - Executive Summary
Download WA Labor's Plan for Jobs (9MB)


WA Labor will Keep Jobs in WA


Mark McGowan and WA Labor: A Fresh Approach

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