Putting Patients First


A McGowan Labor Government will develop WA’s first Medihotels to deliver a better experience for recovering patients and to free up hospital beds so more patients can be treated. 

Medihotels will be located near hospitals in Perth and are designed to support patients who have been discharged but who are still recovering, being monitored or receiving outpatient tests. Family members will be able to stay with patients. 

Medihotels will be especially beneficial to regional patients, the elderly and those who live alone.

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Urgent Care Clinics

A McGowan Labor Government will introduce Urgent Care Clinics based at major hospitals and in the community.

Urgent Care Clinics will provide an alternative setting to access medical services, reduce pressure on our hospitals and provide the care you need, when you need it. 

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Patient Opinion Improving our Public Hospitals

A McGowan Labor Government will introduce a patient feedback mechanism to drive improvements in our public hospital system.

A patient centred health system is accountable to patients and communicates openly and transparently about ways in which the system can be improved. 

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Sustainable Health in WA

A McGowan Labor Government will conduct a new review of health services to put WA Health on a sustainable footing into the future.

The Sustainable Health Review will investigate the measures needed to drive further change and innovation in the health sector.

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Health Care in Public Hands

A McGowan Labor Government will stop the privatisation of public health and hospital services and where possible bring services back into the public sector. 

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Making Aged Care More Available

A McGowan Labor Government will fast track the establishment of additional aged care facilities to free up public hospital beds and improve the quality of life for Western Australia’s elderly.

WA Labor’s plan will make it easier for aged care providers to develop new facilities and provide much needed beds for the State’s ageing population.

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Methamphetamine Action Plan

WA Labor's Methamphetamine Action Plan is a statewide, coordinated and targeted strategy that will build on best practice approaches and provide education, training, rehabilitation, coordination and research.

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Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

WA Labor will allow medicinal cannabis to be prescribed under the strict supervision of medical practitioners for patients suffering painful terminal or chronic conditions.

Medication would only be prescribed by General Practitioners and the use of recreational cannabis would continue to be illegal.

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More playing fields needed for sport and recreation in our suburbs

A McGowan Labor Government will create new sport and recreation spaces across Perth’s suburbs to help promote active and healthy living throughout the community.

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WA Labor will Keep Jobs in WA


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