Investing in our Schools

Investing in Our Schools

WA Labor will create 1,350 new local jobs by investing in new school infrastructure across Western Australia.

As part of the infrastructure package 10 new primary schools will be built in the outer suburban growth areas, secondary schools will receive major upgrades and $30million will be invested in regional schools, reversing the eight years of neglect by the Liberal-National Government.

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Education Central

A McGowan Labor Government will build Education Central, an integrated learning precinct in the heart of the city. 

Under WA Labor's plan, the academic select school for Years 7-12 currently at Perth Modern School will relocate to the site, joining a new state-of-the-art Scitech.

Education Central will be established at Perth City Link as a vertical inner city school, linking directly with METRONET. The plan to create over 500 jobs for local WA workers.

Perth Modern School will become a new public secondary school for the local community to address significant student enrolment growth in the inner city suburbs.

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Science in Schools

WA Labor will invest $17 million to roll out science labs and equipment in up to 200 primary schools as part of our vision to diversify the economy and prepare students for the jobs of the future.

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More Education Assistants in the Classroom

A McGowan Labor Government will put Education Assistants back into public schools.

Education Assistants play an integral role in the education of our students, including the preparation of resources, one-on-one assistance, extra support for children with learning difficulties, students with English as a second language and students with disabilities.

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Schools are important community assets that can play a significant role in assisting working parents to deal with the pressures of balancing work and family. 

WA Labor wants to allow school communities the option of providing extra childcare through quality providers to utilise schools sites by:

  • Providing a site for a childcare centre in the planning for every new public primary school and for before and after school care and school holiday care at new public primary schools; and
  • Working with established schools to open up opportunities for more childcare, as well as before and after school care and holiday care. 

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Quality Education in the Regions

A McGowan Labor Government will provide dedicated teacher support for regional year 11 and 12 students as part of our commitment to ensuring a quality education for all Western Australian children.

WA Labor is committed  to delivering real improvements to education resources in regional WA.

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Priority Start: Jobs and Training Opportunities for Young Western Australians

  • Create jobs for apprentices and trainees on every big State Government funded construction project
  • Expand Priority Start to apply to all construction investment including big maintenance contracts and joint ventures or public private partnerships which involve a construction arrangement.
  • Group contracts together to ensure that contractors are required to meet the obligations of the Priority Start policy
  • Ensure regular enforcement and compliance checks
  • Require all business cases for construction projects to outline how many jobs, including apprenticeships and traineeships, the investment will create.

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Brand TAFE

WA Labor will bring back the respected and well known “TAFE” name to all WA State training institutions to create a strong overarching brand.

Unifying the TAFE brand will cut through the confusion of the current 11 disconnected brands and get the best value for tax-payers money.

Having a strong TAFE brand is crucial to ensure we continue to attract students, create jobs and grow our economy.

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Full Service Schools to support kids and build communities

Full Service Schools provide a range of services and activities, often beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of children, their families and the wider community.

Schools in low socio-economic areas are increasingly forced to cope with non-academic issues such as hunger, safety, poverty and health. These issues can spill into the classroom and effect learning in ways that teachers should not be expected to handle on their own.

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School Maintenance: Getting Better Value for Money

A D2M (direct-to-market) maintenance model gives schools the authority, support and funding to directly engage their own maintenance contractors.

D2M can produce better value for money and good service delivery.

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Introduce Explicit Instruction more widely in schools

WA Labor will introduce the teaching method known as Explicit Instruction more widely across the school system. 

Explicit Instruction is a clear, straight-forward way of teaching literacy. Children are taught using phonics so they learn the sounds represented by letters.

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Centre of Excellence in Literacy and Explicit Instruction

A 'Centre of Excellence in Literacy and Explicit Instruction' could be established at one of our teaching universities.

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WA Labor will Keep Jobs in WA


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