Plan for North West Central

It’s my pleasure to present to you the Plan for North West Central – a re-elected McGowan Labor Government’s plan to keep the area strong. 

Firstly though, I’d like to thank the people of North West Central. The past year has been extremely challenging, but thanks to the efforts and understanding of all Western Australians, we have managed to keep our State safe from COVID-19.

By staying safe we have been able to open our economy faster than anywhere in the world, protecting thousands of jobs. From day one, WA jobs have been my number one priority and my WA Labor Government has made a significant investment in the regions, to create local jobs, support the local economy and improve services like health and education.  

If you look around North West Central, you’ll see a number of major projects underway, as part of our $28.8 billion pipeline of work.Projects like the $14.2 million Battery Energy Storage Systems in Exmouth, Carnarvon & Gascoyne Junction, the $14 million Minilya to Exmouth road upgrade, the $7 million Carnarvon Fascine Entrance, the $6 million Yardie Creek Road upgrade in Exmouth and the $5.7 million Denham Hydrogen project.

As part of my WA Jobs Plan, we will make sure the local jobs created as part of these projects go to Western Australians first. We also made TAFE a priority so everyone can get the skills they need.

As part of the highly successful Lower Fees, Local Skills initiative, TAFE fees have been slashed by up to 72 per cent, making quality training more affordable than ever, so every Western Australian has a pathway to a good job.

The Plan for North West Central continues our record investment in regional WA. As you read through the plan, you’ll see our focus on creating jobs and training opportunities, and improving local services for Western Australians. 

Creating jobs and training opportunities for Western Australians will always be my number one priority, because no one should have to travel over east to find a good job. 

Our Plan for North West Central will ensure our major investment into these areas will continue with further upgrades to local schools, TAFE upgrades, new tourism infrastructure and initiatives, improved health services, a significant investment in local roads, and much more. 

Our Plan for North West Central will ensure that we continue to recover, stronger than ever.