WA’s first Medihotel and new family birth centre to be built at Fiona Stanley

Friday 17 Feb 2017
  • A McGowan Labor Government will free up expensive hospital beds at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) by building the State's first Medihotel on-site
  • New family birth centre will be built at FSH for women from the southern suburbs wanting greater birthing options

A McGowan Labor Government will build the State's first Medihotel on the Fiona Stanley Hospital site, freeing up expensive, high care hospital beds at one of WA's busiest hospitals.

The initiative will help reduce waiting times in emergency departments and for elective surgery by ensuring that patients who no longer need a high level of care but can't yet be discharged, can recover with family and loved ones in a comfortable and convenient location.

Medihotels represent an opportunity for doctors to seek innovative health solutions and provide a better, friendlier style of care.

Another initiative to be funded by WA Labor in Government is the construction of a new family birth centre on-site at FSH.

Comments by WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan:

"Fiona Stanley Hospital is our newest, state-of-the-art, major tertiary hospital in Western Australia, servicing the south metropolitan region.

"We need to ensure that as the population continues to increase that we can continue to provide high quality health care at an affordable cost.

"The construction of the State's first Medihotel and new family birthing centre on site will help the people living south of the river have access to innovative and timely health care.

"Medihotels will not replace hospital beds, but will free them up so more patients can be treated.

"They are designed to be family friendly and more comfortable than hospital rooms, so patients can recover in a more homely environment.

"The new family birth centre will give women with low-risk pregnancies the opportunity to have midwifery-led care throughout their pregnancy, birth and for the first days post delivery.

"Being co-located with a major hospital, women who develop complications during pregnancy or birth can be transferred to a higher level of care.

"The new unit will help the hospital deal with the large number of births - one of the longest baby booms in the State's history - and will help women have a more home-like birthing experience."


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