WA unemployment worst in the nation: WA Labor’s Plan for Jobs needed more than ever

Thursday 16 Feb 2017
  • New figures show WA has the worst unemployment rate in the nation
  • There are currently 93,000 unemployed people in WA
  • The number of full time WA jobs fell by 3,200 in January alone

Latest unemployment figures have revealed WA has the highest unemployment in the nation and the Barnett Liberal Government has no plan to create new jobs for Western Australians.

Western Australia's unemployment rate sat at 6.5 per cent at the end of January, well above the national rate of 5.7 per cent.

Full time employment in WA fell by 3,200 during the month of January.

There are now 93,000 unemployed people in WA, 64,300 more than when the Barnett Liberal Government came to office in 2008.

Comments from WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan:

"Colin Barnett and the Liberals' legacy will be the highest unemployment in the nation, with 93,000 Western Australians now without a job.

"Colin Barnett is too arrogant and out of touch to realise the jobs crisis WA is in.

"The Liberals simply don't understand how hard they have made it for everyday Western Australians. They should have known the good times wouldn't last forever. They should have made an effort to plan for the future by diversifying our State's economy to create new jobs.

"They created this problem and they can't be trusted to fix it. They have sat by idly while oversees workers have filled positions that should have been filled by Western Australians.

"On day one of a McGowan Labor Government, I'll tear up the list of occupations that fast-tracks overseas workers to WA. I'll keep WA jobs in WA.

"We'll put WA jobs first. We'll build METRONET and deliver world class public transport and jobs.

"This is a tired, old government that has simply run out of ideas. Only WA Labor has a comprehensive plan for jobs and the fresh approach we need to get our State back on track."


WA Labor will Keep Jobs in WA


Mark McGowan and WA Labor: A Fresh Approach

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