WA Labor to fund Safe Schools in Western Australia

Saturday 23 Apr 2016
  • WA Labor will ensure public secondary schools can participate in the Safe Schools program in Western Australia
  • If the Federal Government withdraws funding a McGowan Labor Government will provide funding to allow public secondary schools to use the program if they choose
  • WA Labor encourages secondary schools to participate in the program

A McGowan Labor Government will ensure all WA public secondary schools can still choose to participate in the vital Safe Schools program if the Federal Liberals withdraw funding.

The Liberal Party has created real uncertainty around the program's future. The Safe Schools program works and WA Labor will ensure it can still have a positive impact on young students.

If Federal funding is withdrawn, a McGowan Labor Government is committed to providing $350,000 a year over four years to guarantee Safe Schools can operate in any public secondary school that chooses to use the program.  The funds will be re-allocated from within the agency.

Currently the program is funded nationally to the end of June 2017.

More than 150 organisations across Australia have pledged their support to Safe Schools, including the association of public secondary school principals (ASPA) and the peak body of parents of students in public schools (ACSSO).

Comments from Shadow Education Minister Sue Ellery:

"I am proud to make this announcement today and offer my full support to the Safe Schools program.

"Students, teachers and school leaders support this program because it works.

"I have had current students tell me how this program saved their lives.

"Young LGBTI students deserve our support and deserve to feel safe going to school. It's as simple as that.

"As Education Minister I will be encouraging schools to use the program because it saves lives."

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