McGowan Labor Government to develop Urgent Care Clinics across WA

Wednesday 15 Feb 2017
  • A McGowan Labor Government will establish Urgent Care Clinics at major Emergency Departments
  • Bulk-billed Urgent Care Clinics will also be placed at existing GP clinics in the suburbs
  • Urgent Care Clinics provide an alternative to sitting in busy emergency departments
  • Clinics will be staffed by general practitioners and nurses and will offer bulk-billed medical care to patients after hours
  • Part of WA Labor's plan to reduce pressure on busy emergency departments

A McGowan Labor Government will introduce Urgent Care Clinics at major hospital Emergency Departments and in the suburbs to allow Western Australians to be treated faster and reduce pressure on our hospitals.

Urgent Care Clinics based at WA Emergency Departments will treat patients assessed as 'non-urgent'. Patients will be managed by the Emergency Department but will be under the care of a GP and nurses more suitable to their condition.

Patients presenting to an Emergency Department in an ambulance with non-life threatening conditions will be taken to an Urgent Care Clinic in a hospital setting.

Under a McGowan Labor Government, patients who wish to see a doctor after hours will be able to attend an Urgent Care Clinic in their community

The final location of Urgent Care Clinics will be determined by a population analysis and an expression of interest process involving existing and proposed primary care centres.

We will enter into a formal arrangement with a range of General Practices. These practices will be licensed to operate as Urgent Care Clinics and will be promoted as part of the Urgent Care Clinic network.

They will have a direct line of communication with the local emergency department and will be able

to prioritise patients referred to the Emergency Department if their condition deteriorates or warrants a higher level of care.

A McGowan Labor Government will promote the Urgent Care Clinic network through a dedicated advertising campaign designed to give people the confidence to use this as an alternative to attending emergency departments for less urgent matters.

The integration of Urgent Care Clinics into our major emergency departments and community settings will reduce the pressure on our hospitals and deliver more responsive and appropriate care to patients.

WA Labor will bring a fresh approach to health that puts patients first.

Comments by WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan:

"As a father of three young children, I know all too well the stress and anxiety of having sick children late at night and the dilemma about whether to take them to the Emergency Department or not.

"WA Labor's Urgent Care Clinics will give Western Australians more flexible treatment options at our hospitals and in the suburbs where people live - providing patients with care when and where they need it.

"Under a McGowan Labor Government, most emergency departments will be equipped with an Urgent Care Clinic to treat patients with non-life threatening conditions.

"Community Urgent Care Clinics will provide an extra level of care to ensure health services are readily available without a long wait in Emergency Departments.

"Our health system is under enormous pressure and sick Western Australians are waiting too long to get the care they need.

"Urgent Care Clinics will reduce pressure on our very busy emergency departments and give people the care they need, close to where they live, when they need it."



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