Liberal Party costings based on dodgy numbers and privatisations

Wednesday 08 Mar 2017
  • Liberals' financial costings cannot be believed
  • Privatising Western Power does not fix the finances
  • Nine election commitments are not included in the analysis, wiping off Liberals' surplus claim
  • Federal Finance Minister inappropriately sends Liberal Party a $300million offer

The Liberal Party's election costings are a sham, based on dodgy numbers, dodgy deals and privatisations.

After destroying the State's finances over eight and a half years, the Liberal Party are now embarking on a wide spread fire sale of assets owned by Western Australians, including Western Power.

Nine election commitments made by the Liberals have not been included in the analysis and have not even been independently verified by anyone, other than the Liberal Party.

After inheriting the best set of books in the State's history from WA Labor, the Liberals and Nationals have completely destroyed the State's finances and have no credible strategy to fix the problem.

Comments from Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt:

"The Liberal Party's costings are not worth the paper they're printed on.

"Like the 2013 fully funded, fully costed lie, the Liberals' latest attempt of a financial plan is a complete sham.

"Every Western Australian already knows that you cannot trust the Liberal Party when it comes to the finances, they will say and do anything to try and hold onto power.

"Their election costings released today are a sham, based on fire sale of State assets, including selling the profitable Western Power.

"Incredibly, Liberal Party powerbroker Mathias Cormann used his position as Federal Finance Minister inappropriately and provided the Liberal Party with a $300million offer.

"The only way to fix the finances and create new jobs is to change the government.

"Only Mark McGowan and WA Labor have the fresh approach WA needs to get the budget back on track and keep Western Power in public hands, where it belongs."



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