Desperate Liberals cannot be believed on debt funded tax cuts

Wednesday 15 Feb 2017
  • Colin Barnett's desperate attempt to buy votes cannot be believed
  • The Liberals have broken promise after promise when it comes to taxes
  • Colin Barnett increased taxes after eight and half years in government

The Liberals' track record and broken promises means Colin Barnett's desperate attempt to buy votes cannot be believed.

The Liberal legacy in government is significant increases in taxes, including three rounds of increases in land tax over two years exacerbating a slowing economy.

After wrecking the State finances, they want to borrow more money to pay for tax cuts.

The former Labor Government delivered five rounds of tax cuts, including a cut to payroll tax and had budgeted for two more rounds of tax cuts to come, but these were cancelled by the Liberals.

Comments by Shadow Treasurer Ben Wyatt:

"Colin Barnett has been the most reckless and irresponsible Premier in recent history.

"Mr Barnett has delivered an extraordinary increase in State debt and a record budget deficit, mark my words, any tax cuts offered by the Liberals will become just another broken promise.

"It's incredibly arrogant for Mr Barnett to think Western Australians will believe anything he says.

"This is just a desperate ploy, by a desperate Premier, looking to buy his way back into power.

"The Liberals cannot be trusted. They've had eight and-a-half years to deliver tax cuts and have done the opposite.

"The Liberals have been financial vandals, trying to debt fund a tax cut is exactly what we have come to expect from this irresponsible Premier.

"WA Labor has made it very clear that our commitments will be responsible, affordable and achievable.

"That is the fresh approach we offer Western Australians this election."



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