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Thursday 02 Mar 2017
  • A McGowan Labor Government will make it easier for micro-festivals to take place across WA
  • New level playing field by cutting red tape for established venues and opening up opportunities
  • Building on the success of Mark McGowan's small bar reforms that transformed Perth

WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan will build on the success of his small bar reforms and introduce a new level playing field to facilitate micro-festivals across the State and create new jobs.

As the architect of Western Australia's vibrant small bar scene that transformed Perth, Mr McGowan will take the next step to support existing venues by cutting red tape and allowing for more micro-festivals.

The reforms are vital to create more hospitality, tourism and arts jobs and continue to add to Perth's vibrancy.

By cutting red tape to make it easier for established arts, culture and hospitality venues to stage micro-festivals, a McGowan Labor Government will support the expansion of their operations in an appropriate environment, over short periods of time.

Under the policy it will be easier for existing venues to activate remote off premise bars in their local communities, allowing them to maximise their business potential.

This initiative is designed to activate small spaces, such as laneways, streets, streetscapes, parks and open spaces with a diverse range of festival activity.

Under the plan the Liquor Control Act will also be amended to add a new public interest assessment category, which allows for a venue's tourism, cultural and community benefits to be considered in license applications.

This comes on top of WA Labor's commitment to allocate $10million towards the redevelopment of the Art Gallery of WA's rooftop as a regular cultural and commercial venue for Western Australians to enjoy.

Activating spaces like the Art Gallery rooftop will offer patrons a unique experience and will create jobs and opportunities in the Perth Cultural Centre.

WA Labor will also create the $3million Creative Music Fund to support WA's music industry. The fund will enable musicians and those working in the industry to build links between the local music industry and the national and international industry.

New planning reforms will also support live music venues and streamline approval processes for live performances, with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority tasked to develop and manage additional live music venues, identifying government buildings which could be used as creative hubs.

Comments from WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan:

"As Premier, I will build on the success of the small bar reforms and make Western Australia an even more exciting and vibrant place to live.

"We will facilitate micro-festivals across the State by cutting red tape for established hotels, taverns, small bars, arts and culture venues.

"This will create a level playing field on licence arrangements and gives the support existing venues need to grow their business and employ more Western Australians.

"Every week, thousands of Western Australians attend events across the State, pumping money into our economy and generating jobs.

"By providing additional support to the arts and creative industries sector in targeted areas, the industry can continue to expand, helping grow our economy.

"It's part of WA Labor's fresh approach and comprehensive plan for jobs."



WA Labor has outlined a comprehensive plan to pay for its promises and help put the State Budget back on a sustainable footing, including:

  • Keep Western Power in public hands, delivering ongoing revenue to the State.
  • Cutting government advertising by $20million each year.
  • Cutting Senior Executive Service positions, WA's highest paid bureaucrats, by 20 per cent.
  • Stopping the excessive use of expensive and unnecessary external consultants and contractors.
  • Reducing the number of government agencies by 20 per cent through the Service Priority Review, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in savings each year.
  • Introduce the Foreign Buyers Surcharge, for purchases of residential property in Western Australia by foreigners, delivering ongoing revenue to the State.
  • Free up $1.7billion in funding by not proceeding with the flawed Perth Freight Link project.
  • New government land sales.


WA Labor will Keep Jobs in WA


Mark McGowan and WA Labor: A Fresh Approach

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