Local Jobs - Local Content

Deliver more local content and local jobs on government projects

  • Introduce Western Australian Industry Participation Plans (WAIPPs) and require companies tendering for government contracts to identify the likely number of local jobs that will be generated from the tender.
  • WIAPPs will deliver more local jobs on all large government infrastructure projects and through procurement
  • WAIPPs will also identify the number of apprenticeships and traineeships that will be created if the bid is successful
  • Enshrine WAIPP in legislation and apply it to contracts that meet set criteria across all government bodies
  • The principles to be applied include value for money, creation of local jobs and training opportunities, diversification of the economy and transparency in decision making.
  • All government agencies to report annually on their success in applying WAIPP to projects and procurement

Support local businesses to tender for government work through ICN WA

  • Invest $1 million per annum to revamp the Industry Capability Network (ICN WA)
  • ICN WA services will be available at no cost to businesses to assist them to develop WAIPPs
  • ICN WA will support government agencies to identity and source local suppliers of services and equipment

WA Jobs First

A McGowan Labor Government will on day one tear up the list of occupations that fast tracks overseas workers to WA and replace it with a new list that reflects WA’s changed economic circumstances.

We will also seek to immediately have Perth removed from the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

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Increase local content requirements on State projects of strategic significance

  • Have the capacity to declare a project of strategic significance and place additional local content requirements
  • Declare major projects such as METRONET, projects of strategic significance

Manufacturing of Rail Carriages with WA Content

  • Develop a passenger rail rolling stock manufacturing strategy with guaranteed levels of local content
  • Work with TAFE to develop courses for apprentices and trainees in the rail rolling stock industry

Support for Aboriginal owned businesses

  • Adopt an Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) to increase the amount of work awarded to Aboriginal owned businesses
  • The APP will be consistent with the Federal Government policy of awarding 3 per cent of all contracts to Aboriginal businesses by 2020

Skilled Jobs on Local Projects  

  • Enact a Skilled Local Jobs Bill and require skilled work agreements on all major resource projects in WA
  • Requirement to demonstrate how local businesses will have equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the project, to tender and compete for the work
  • The requirements are consistent with the full, fair and reasonable opportunity provisions articulated in the Australian Industry Participation National Framework

Put WA back on the Defence Industry Map

  • Create Defence West to champion the interests of the Western Australian defence industry
  • Appoint a Minister for Defence Issues drawing on the expertise of an advisory board

Freeing up Business

  • Establish a lead reform agency to ensure that all agencies of government are focused on making regulations more efficient and effective as recommended by the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA)
  • Reform regulations by setting key performance indicators for government agencies



WA Labor will Keep Jobs in WA


Mark McGowan and WA Labor: A Fresh Approach

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