Our Vision: Freight and Trade

UPDATE 4 JAN 2017:

A McGowan Labor Government will not proceed with Roe 8 and the Perth Freight Link.

The recently signed Roe 8 contract will be renegotiated immediately upon forming government.

Funding will be redirected to be used for infrastructure projects with actual long term benefits and create thousands of new jobs over the life of the projects.

WA Labor will immediately start work on the following congestion busting projects:

  • Bring forward the $145million funding for the Armadale Road dual carriageway between Anstey Road and Tapper Road. As part of this project, WA Labor will also provide for a public transit corridor.
  • Build the $166million Armadale Road Bridge, linking North Lake Road and Armadale Road over the Kwinana Freeway.
  • Invest $95million to build two new overpasses on Wanneroo Road, one at the intersection of Ocean Reef Road and the other at the intersection of Joondalup Drive.

These new projects will create over 1,440 jobs and ease pressure on three of the top ten most congested intersections.

WA Labor's decision not to proceed with the project has been carefully thought through and is based on credible independent legal advice.

The decision means the State will avoid the total cost of Perth Freight Link of up to $3 billion, and redirect the funds to real congestion busting projects in our suburbs.

Our decision is ultimately based on the fact that WA cannot afford wasting billions of dollars on a truck highway that will eventually end at a port that is soon to reach capacity.

This has always been a key point of difference, and now we are giving the people of Western Australia the chance to have their say at the election on whether they support Labor's comprehensive plan or the Liberals' short-sighted road to nowhere.

The choice is clear, WA Labor will always focus on doing what is in the best long term interests of the State and only WA Labor will save the Beeliar Wetlands.

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A McGowan Labor Government has a real plan for Perth’s long term transport needs designed to fix congestion on our roads, increase liveability in our suburbs and provide long term economic infrastructure to drive our economy and create jobs. 

We will invest in rail, road and port facilities to deliver a long term integrated solution to Perth’s future infrastructure needs, create jobs and support the Western Australian economy.

WA Labor does not support the deeply flawed Perth Freight Link, an expensive, divisive, poorly planned truck highway that doesn’t even reach Fremantle Port. 

A McGowan Labor Government will:

  • Commence planning for the Outer Harbour at Kwinana and the associated road and rail links as part of the long term integrated transport plan for the State.
  • Improve the management of truck movements to and from Fremantle Port and upgrade road links to ease congestion into Fremantle Port. 
  • Maintain Fremantle Port as an operational port in public ownership.
  • Facilitate intermodal facilities in Kewdale-Forrestfield, Bullsbrook, Mundijong and Latitude 32 in Kwinana and continue to minimise truck movements on Perth roads.
  • Develop South Quay in Fremantle to be a world class cruise ship port and to provide for urban renewal including commercial and tourism operations.
  • Continue to develop the capacity of Bunbury Port.
  • As a matter of priority apply to Infrastructure Australia to provide funding to the projects outlined in WA Labor’s Seven Point Plan.

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