The Innovation Economy

Invest $14.5 million into a New Industries Fund 

  • Invest $14.5 million into a New Industries Fund to provide grants to accelerate new and emerging businesses in the Startup and gaming sectors
  • Invest $4.5 million into regional Startups as part of the New Industries Fund
  • Funding support through the New Industries Fund will focus on early career and businesses development support and foster an environment where private investment does the heavy lifting for commercial production and market entry

Foster Innovation Hubs

  • Foster Innovation Hubs creating collaborative environments to support small and medium businesses
  • Drive structured interactions between government, universities, business, industry and the community
  • Provide planning laws that allow for higher density developments within Innovation Hubs
  • Review relevant legislation to reform restrictive government regulations to allow for commercial development

Promote Renewables Industry

  • Promote and facilitate business investment into renewable energy technology manufacturing in WA including off-the-grid solutions and technologies
  • Work with technology companies, universities, TAFE and electricity utilities in a precinct to provide opportunities for emerging battery technologies
  • Promote the development of renewable industries at technology parks to be developed under the auspices of the newly created Industrial Lands Authority

Investing in Science and Innovation

  • Invest $17 million to roll out science programs in public primary schools including creating science labs and upfront grants for resources and equipment
  • Sponsor Science Industry Fellowships to build relationships between WA companies and universities
  • Provide practical funding to implement coding activities into the WA school curriculum
  • Identify future opportunities opened up by the rapid developments in the computerization and automation sector

Driving Innovation and ICT for a digital economy

  • Establish an Innovation Office and develop an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) vision and policy
  • Use the increased focus on Asia and existing trade relationships in USA, UK and Europe to attract foreign investment into Startup businesses
  • Appoint a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) advisory panel of industry, researchers and educators to identify future job opportunities and training needs
  • Appoint the State's first Minister for Innovation and ICT

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