WA Labor lays foundation funding for Mettams Pool erosion recovery project

Posted on February 25, 2021
  • $200,000 commitment for North Beach’s Mettams Pool erosion recovery project
  • Project to address short to medium term risks associated with rising sea level and coastal erosion
  • Works to be progressed with council to preserve Mettams Pool and the Watermans Bay coastline

A re-elected McGowan Labor Government will commit $200,000 towards the Mettams Pool erosion recovery project.

Premier Mark McGowan and WA Labor Candidate for Scarborough Stuart Aubrey inspected the site today and announced the funding for the project.

Working with local council, the project entails investigating and undertaking strategic sand nourishment to address the short-to-medium term risks associated with rising sea level and coastal erosion at Mettams Pool in North Beach, while a longer-term strategy is developed for implementation.

The section of West Coast drive adjacent to Mettams Pool is considered to be one of the City of Stirling’s highest-risk sections to the effects of coastal erosion, and works are required within the next two to three years to ensure a significant storm event does not result in loss of the significant coastal infrastructure.

Mettams Pool is listed in the Department of Transport Assessment of Coastal Erosion Hotspots in Western Australia report of 2019.

Coastal erosion continues to affect local coastal areas and the local council has moved ahead with works to help protect and preserve Mettams Pool in North Beach and the Watermans Bay coastline as well as access to Trigg Beach.

Already, the City of Stirling has been undertaking separate works to repairs to the main stairs, adjacent to the public toilets, by affixing them to rock below.

The stairs reopened to the public in late 2020 and remain structurally sound, however they are interim and will be removed and replaced with a new ramp down to the beach, which is expected to be in place by the middle of this year.

Once built, the ramp will offer better access for the public and will serve as the primary access point for the toilet block.

The area has a rich history of recreational use, built assets close to the shoreline and a continually eroding profile for the past 10 years.

Recreational use of the area is being impacted regularly by reduced access to the beach and pool. Due to risk of structural damage and failure, several beach access points were previously closed at the real risk of being lost.

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“In WA we have the longest coastline of any State in the country, and while our beaches might be a robust part of our identity, they are in fact very fragile environments. 

“We’re an island in an island with such beautiful beaches so it’s vital that as a community we look after them.

“I’m lucky enough to live by the ocean in Rockingham so I know how first hand it is to protect our environment and ensure that our beaches and coastline are intact for future generations.”

Comments attributed to WA Labor Candidate for Scarborough Stuart Aubrey:

“The City of Stirling recently undertook community consultation on the community’s coastal values for Mettams Pool it had overwhelming response with more than 500 respondents demonstrating the popularity and importance of Mettams Pool and the value the local and broader community place on it.

“As a local surf life saver and someone who lives right by the sea, it’s incredibly important to me that we continue to look after our ocean and local beaches for all to enjoy.

“Mettams Pool is a treasured spot for locals and families heading down for a swim and a snorkel. It’s important we look after it so that it can be used by generations of families to come”.