WA Labor tourism upgrades for Yawuru conservation parks

Posted on February 24, 2021
  • $4.5 million to provide tourism facilities and upgrade roads in Yawuru conservation parks
  • Upgrades include track and trail improvements, viewing platforms, boardwalks, day use facilities
  • Part of Mark McGowan and Divina D’Anna’s Plan for Kimberley and $217 million tourism package for Western Australia

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia today joined WA Labor Candidate for Kimberley Divina D’Anna to outline the upgrades a re-elected McGowan Government will carry out to improve the visitor experience in Yawuru conservation parks.

The $4.5 million program will provide new facilities and upgrade roads to meet tourism demand while upholding the environmental integrity of the parks.

The improvements are planned to include track and trail upgrades, viewing platforms, boardwalks, stairs, park furniture and other day use facilities to improve the parks’ tourism offerings.

The investment will also provide improved parking areas, shade shelters, toilets, and park signage.

The Yawuru Conservation Estate comprises a 100 kilometre long coastal park, taking in much of the Yawuru coastline, the intertidal area in Roebuck Bay and the Nagulagun Roebuck Bay Marine Park.

These improvements are part of a $217 million tourism package announced by Mark McGowan on Monday and will build on the significant investments to improve the Kimberley’s tourism offerings already underway as part of the McGowan Government’s $150 million tourism package, allocated last year as part of the WA Recovery Plan.

The Plan for Kimberley includes a wide range of additional commitments to ensure Kimberley remains strong, long into the future. To read the full plan, visit 

Comments attributed to Deputy Premier Roger Cook:

“The Kimberley is like nowhere else on Earth.

“A re-elected McGowan Government will upgrade the Yawuru conservation parks to ensure more tourists can access and enjoy the natural wonders this region has to offer.”

Comments attributed to Tourism Minister Paul Papalia:

“The Kimberley offers stunning, otherworldly natural landscapes and experiences for tourists.

“These upgrades will make the Yawuru conservation parks’ stunning attractions easier to access and more enjoyable to visit – providing better tourism offerings for the Yawuru people and local tourism operators to sell to visitors from far and wide.

“The McGowan Government is working hard to ensure that by the time international tourism restarts in the future, our local destinations and attractions are enhanced and ready to provide incredible experiences.”

Comments attributed to WA Labor Candidate for Kimberley Divina D’Anna:

“The Yawuru conservation parks boast some of the Kimberley’s best natural attractions, but there is still work to be done to make them more tourist-friendly while protecting cultural and environmental values.

“The Kimberley has so much tourism potential that is still to be unlocked, with great opportunities to create new local jobs for young people in tourism, hospitality and other local small businesses which the sector supports.

“We look forward to having the chance to work with the Yawuru people to deliver these important upgrades, improving our land for locals and visitors to enjoy long into the future.”