World’s biggest dam mural opens in Collie

Posted on February 19, 2021
  • Premier Mark McGowan opens ‘Reflections’ mural on Wellington Dam
  • World’s biggest dam mural set to attract thousands of visitors to Collie, driving new local tourism jobs
  • Centrepiece of McGowan Labor Government’s $1.5 million Collie Mural Trail

Premier Mark McGowan today opened the world’s biggest dam mural in Collie, part of the McGowan Labor Government’s commitment to diversifying Collie’s economy and creating local jobs.

The 8000sqm mega-mural was painted by internationally-renowned Australian artist Guido van Helten as the centrepiece of the McGowan Labor Government’s $1.5 million Collie Mural Trail.

The artwork is inspired by local stories and photographs as van Helten spent time in town to understand the community and created a design that reflects them.

The mural is titled “Reflections” and demonstrates the commonality in how the waterways are culturally significant to all people, locals and visitors, both in the past and present and symbolises the future of the Collie River Region as a place of natural beauty, recreation and solidarity.

The painting of the wall has been a monumental task, with people abseiling to clean the wall, building a specially designed scaffolding platform to paint it, and the design drawn and mapped onto a grid to help the artist translate his design from concept to a scaled mega mural. 

Alongside the Wellington Dam Mural, fifteen Western Australian artists were selected to paint the town murals in Collie with their designs including references to the history of Collie, Aboriginal culture and the natural environment. 

Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:

“The Wellington Dam mural puts Collie on the map as a major tourist destination for WA and the nation.

“Collie locals can proudly stake their claim to the biggest dam mural in the world.

“My government is absolutely committed to delivering a strong future for Collie.

“The Wellington Dam mural is a key part of our strategy to diversify the local economy and deliver sustainable jobs through developing industries like tourism in Collie.

Comments attributed to WA Labor Candidate Collie-Preston Jodie Hanns:

“The Collie Mural Trail will provide another reason for tourists to visit and stay in Collie, alongside the $10 million investment in world class mountain bike trails, and $5.7 million to establish the recently opened Lake Kepwari.  

“The Wellington Dam mural will bring thousands of additional visitors to Collie, supporting local business and creating local jobs.”